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LOLA Final Review

The final review was held at Eurecom on June 27th and 28th, 2013. The project has achieved an excellent assessment and appreciation by the reviewers for its achievements. The project presented and demonstrated a set of low latency wireless communication techniques in light of accurate traffic models of emerging application scenarios such as massive machine-type communication and interactive multilayer gaming. The LOLA project brings into existence a solution package applicable to the next generation wireless communication system, and in particular to the 5G system, to lower significantly the latency.

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Joint LOLA & SAMURAI Booth at FUNEMS 2012

The demonstration highlight advances in dynamic Carrier Aggregation schemes (PHY/MAC), MU-MIMO schemes (PHY) and access layer technologies targeting low-latency transmission.

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LOLA poster at ETSI M2M Workshop

Many emerging M2M applications will run over wireless or broadband wireless technologies. Latency is an important requirement in many M2M applications. Both the core network and the access network have a significant impact on the overall end-to-end latency.

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LOLA Project Structure

Project strategy and workpackage description and LOLA pert diagram is presented.

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TELFOR 2012 Special Session М2М (Machine to Machine) & IoT (Internet of Things) Evolution

During the Telfor 2012 conference (20.-22.11.2012. Belgrade, Serbia special session dedicated to M2M and IoT evolution is organized by Ericsson d.o.o. The scope of the session was presentation of ongoing FP7 projects in Serbia related to M2M and IoT work. On the session are given overview of the LOLA, EXALTED, HOBNET, SmartSantander, IoT6 and CitySense projects, and the papers related to LOLA and EXALTED projects.

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LOLA project meeting and Workshop at A1 Austria, November 8-9, Vienna, Austria

A half-a-day workshop on 8th of November 2012 with the A1, telecom operator in Austria, where the results of the LOLA project has been presented and thoroughly discussed within the A1’s M2M workgroup.

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LOLA Kick-off Meeting, Jan. 21 -- 22, 2010, EURECOM

LOLA Kick-off Meeting, Jan. 21 -- 22, 2010, Sophia Antipolis, France

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