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LOLA poster at ETSI M2M Workshop

Many emerging M2M applications will run over wireless or broadband wireless technologies. Latency is an important requirement in many M2M applications. Both the core network and the access network have a significant impact on the overall end-to-end latency.

POSTER ABSTRACT:  LOLA is an FP7 ICT European Project that has been started in 2010. The purpose of LOLA is to provide significant technological advances in terms of minimizing end-to-end latency in wireless systems for realtime application scenarios found in M2M communications and highly-interactive and automatic services such as (machine) gaming and remote control. The target network topologies are:

  • Cellular topology applicable to LTE/LTE-A networks 
  • Rapidly deployable mesh extension  for cellular topology (multi-relay nodes)

 LOLA project has performed an analysis of M2M application scenarios and has identified the ones where low latency is a key requirement or may compromise the performance of the application. The traffic of such applications have been analyzed and modeled through measurement and rigorous theoretical models, and their impact on transmission latency has been studied.  This led to many enhancements and innovative techniques that support low-latency machine-type communication even in the presence of standard human-type communication. Through low latency transmission, LOLA also addresses reduction in energy consumption for M2M devices.


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